June 7, 2017

Our Vision & Impact


Founded in 2015 TransAction is made up of trans and intersex individuals working locally and nationally to promote the healthy development of transgender and intersex communities. Through the delivery of a wide range of information about services and events, educational outreach, and capacity building resources. TransAction supports individuals in maintaining personal wellness and developing leadership skills. This work also allows for the creation of safe and productive spaces for sexual and gender minorities (SGM) free of stigma and discrimination. TransAction addresses the collective concerns of transgender and intersex community including the recognition of their rights, giving a voice to the voiceless, and advocating for change promoting a direct connection to policy makers.


We envision a future where gender self-determination and authentic expression are basic rights and matters of common human dignity. Where all people are safe in their homes, schools and communities; are treated with respect and dignity; and have equal opportunities to develop and activate their leadership abilities regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and live a life free of stigma and discrimination.


Continually developing stable organization that unites regional initiatives and organizations, that is recognized locally, nationally and internationally as a representative of the interests of the Pakistani Transgender and intersex community, and that is able to achieve social change in the short and long term.