June 7, 2017

Our Core Principles


    Audacious : We take calculated risks, break down barriers, and embrace new initiatives inspired by our communities.

    Self Determination : We believe trans and intersex people are creative and resilient, and fully capable of creating, improving, and sustaining their communities and movements.

    Diversity : We value the diversity of trans movements (including gender identity, bodily autonomy, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, geography, age, disability, religion, class/socioeconomic status), and respect and honor our differences.

    Responsive : We are responsive to trans communities, and believe our responses must be flexible and accessible to meet the needs of trans communities.

    Non-violence : All transgender people have the right to live in violence-free families and communities our struggle for justice, recognitions and rights must always be nonviolent.

    Respect : All transgender has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and must respect men and women and their struggle for rights. We respect each other, acknowledging we have different levels of power and privilege.

    Empowerment : All transgender have the right to make their own decisions and control their own lives and must understand and respect this concept for others.

    Partnership : Transgender community need to collaborate with Civil society and must work together to bring about peaceful communities. No single NGO or other entity can bring change alone.

    Community Leadership : Efforts to build peaceful communities should be led by women, men and transgender together.

    Safety : We strive to be transparent in our work while protecting the safety and confidentiality of activists and organizations.

    Accountability : We work together with integrity and hold ourselves accountable to trans community.